Traffic Victory Review – How To Set Up No-Cost Traffic Machines

Traffic Victory Review – Best Affiliate Traffic for 2019? 

Traffic Victory Review


Name: Traffic Victory 

Product Owner: Stefan Ciancio, Greg Kononenko & Marc Gray 

Website: Click Here 

Price: $17 


In a nutshell, what is Traffic Victory? 

Traffic Victory is a brand new course that shows you how to set up no-cost traffic machines for passive affiliate commissions. It combines 100% free, targeted traffic with a powerful new affiliate marketing tactic. This gives you the ability to create as many passive affiliate income campaigns as you like. Which in turn will allow you to bring in $200-300 per day. 


Who is Traffic Victory for? 

Traffic Victory is designed for complete newbies, who have no budget for things like generating traffic or creating their own products.  

  • Newbies 
  • Affiliate marketers 
  • CPA Marketers 


3 things I love about Traffic Victory: 

    1. It combines 100% free, targeted traffic with a powerful new affiliate marketing tactic. Giving you the ability to create as many passive affiliate income campaigns as you like. I love the fact that you can set up as many of these little “affiliate cash machines” that will run in the background for you and collect passive commissions on autopilot. 


    1. You’re shown how to do simple things like what are the best domain names to register. Plus installing and setting up WordPress, the best themes and plugins to use etc. Most courses, at this low price level, leave out this kind of information. Which means they’re not newbie friendly. This means that even a complete beginner can easily follow this step-by-step blueprint. 


  1. I like that it really makes something like SEO newbie-friendly. Going through this course, I realized how other courses over-complicate SEO. Traffic Victory includes a fantastic 7 day SEO plan for your new site that’s so easy to follow and implement. I’m pretty sure even a technophobe would accomplish it. 




What will I get inside Traffic Victory? 

There are 5 modules to the Traffic Rebirth video course: 

  • First Module – Overview and basics, including why affiliate marketing is the perfect business model for complete beginners 
  • Second Module – Building your site including the best domain names, how to set up a WordPress site, what themes and plugins to use etc. 
  • Third Module – Final site setup, including understanding SSL certificates, adding your site to CDN etc. 
  • Fourth Module – Promotion setup, including exactly what to promote, how to create reviews, how to maximize your traffic etc. 
  • Fifth Module 5 – Get traffic, including on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and a complete beginners 7-day SEO plan. 

Any drawbacks to Traffic Victory? 

There are 25 videos in this course, amounting to over 7 hours’ worth of viewing. So the main drawback would be that you need to spend some time going through the course. This isn’t going to be course you can do in an hour or so. If you’ve ever been exposed to previous courses by these Stefan, Greg and Mark, you’ll be aware that they’re rather unique in the industry. When most courses under $20 are perhaps a couple of videos and a PDF guide, this team create ‘no stone unturned’ video courses that should sell for $75+.

As a newbie, you may thinking ‘Wow, 7 hours is a lot of viewing.’ But everything is covered, and no detail is missed which is also reassuring to know. This is crucial if you want to succeed. Lesser courses may be quicker to go through, but they will leave out information that you would either have to find elsewhere (and take time to go through) or you end up guessing, making mistakes, and giving up.  


Do I get any bonuses with Traffic Victory 

Yes, there are 3 in total: 

  1. Twitter Traffic Profits Boost – this is a never before released course which will show you how to get steady, rapid traffic from Twitter in the easiest way possible. 
  2. Marc’s Free FB Traffic – get access to this exclusive method from Marc showing you how to build even more free traffic by utilizing FB groups. Marc does this in a completely unique way and it will let you really add a lot more traffic for very little work. 
  3. Exclusive Mastermind Access – join newbies and advanced marketers alike in this exclusive mastermind. See other’s success, learn from it, apply it for yourself and profit big. Without this mastermind, you’ll miss out on additional secrets that will help you get faster results using the Traffic Victory system. 


Final thoughts on Traffic Victory: 

Marc has built up an excellent affiliate marketing business, and best of all, it’s hands-off… he doesn’t need to do anything after initial setup. He gets highly targeted clicks every day without paying, and then he just keeps setting up his passive traffic machines, one after the other, getting back as much as $200-300/day.

Traffic Victory offers a complete newbie the chance to copy his results by watching over his shoulders, from registering a domain right through to turning on free traffic and watching affiliate commissions drop into your PayPal account – a brilliant course for complete beginners. 





Making Money Online – Affiliate Marketing Advice

Affiliate marketing

This is gonna be an awesome article if you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing! Why? Because I’m going to share with you some key points that I wish I knew when I started in affiliate marketing. Now let’s get into this because I have some very key points that I want to share with you that I honestly I wish I took seriously. I wish I knew these when I started with affiliate marketing so let’s go.

What I Wish I Knew

Number One

affiliate marketingNothing is as simple as it seems. You may see a lot of six and seven figure earners in this industry called affiliate marketing but know that they were not “overnight successes”. Right now I am making a very significant amount of money. But let me tell you something, it’s not as as simple as it seems. What I mean by that is I’m not saying that the process isn’t simple to create a life changing income with affiliate marketing.

But although the process is very simple getting to where you want to go will take work. If you want financial freedom and beyond and to change your life situation, the work is going to be difficult. I want you to understand that and it’s gonna be more difficult than you think. Again this doesn’t mean the process of how it all works is that complex, it’s very simple. But understand that you’re gonna have to work your butt off to get where you want to go. This leads us into:

Number Two

affiliate marketingEmbrace delayed gratification. When I first started out I think that I honestly I had false expectations with affiliate marketing. False expectations as to how much money I was gonna make and how fast I was gonna make that money. That is something that you see all the time in this this entire make money online affiliate marketing business.

You see other top income earners sharing very simple strategies with you but you have to understand a few things. First of all you know the strategies are very simple but again if we bring it back to tip number one, or what I wish I knew, just because the process is simple doesn’t mean the journey is going to be easy.

It still may be hard to get where you want to be. This is one of the hardest things for people to understand. Even for me when I first started. I got very frustrated that I didn’t get the instant results that I wanted immediately. So there is a type of delayed gratification that is required if you want to create success online. Actually that is why most people quit because they don’t understand delayed gratification.

The thing is if you can understand this you’ll start to take action knowing that the results will come in the future. It may not be tomorrow it may not be next week it may not be in two or three months down the road. But if you have a vision and you know where you want to go and the potential of how much you can earn that should be a driving factor enough to keep you going.

Number Three

affiliate marketingI wish I knew when I first started not to pay for ads until I knew how to run them. I ran ads here and there for two or three years without actually learning exactly what I needed to do. That resulted in me losing money on ads. One to two thousand dollars at least, spread out over time.

I would try ads and then I’d back out. Then I’d try ads and they weren’t profitable and I’d back out. So what do I wish I would have done looking back at it now? I would tell myself and what I would tell you is don’t jump into advertising if you don’t know what you’re doing. Advertising can absolutely explode your business but it can also sink your business and eat up all of your money.

If you have no idea what you’re doing my advice to you would be to wait. Also if you want to start building and growing your business with paid advertising first of all make sure that you have a budget. If you do not have the money to be spending on ads do not put money into them. You’re gonna have to lose a little bit of money in order to figure out what works with advertising to make ads profitable. So if you don’t have the money to invest and lose, knowing that you can make a lot more back, don’t run ads.

The second thing with ads is that you should invest into yourself. There are plenty of courses that you can invest in out there that will teach you exactly what to do with paid advertising. I know that some people would say there’s free content on YouTube teaching me how to do it.

That’s true and you know what, if you don’t have money to invest in a course then absolutely go to YouTube and learn how to use ads and how to run advertising. But my recommendation is to save up and then when you have money invest in a course. Because a course is all of the knowledge boxed up for you usually step by step. So you can know exactly what to do with paid advertising.

Number Four

affiliate marketingI wish I knew that I should be taking ten times the amount of action of what I did when I started. Over the last few months my business has skyrocketed. Now I’ve been doing online marketing, affiliate marketing for almost three years now. In the last four or five months I’ve made more probably two, three or four times, maybe even more, than I did in two and a half years. I believe one of the main reasons this has happened is because I took ten times the amount of action. Here’s what I mean by this.

Right now I’m doing YouTube videos and I do I do email marketing. I do have a blog but I’m not active on it because I’m focusing on one thing. This is gonna lead us into another point here in just a minute. But here’s what I would tell you. Whatever you think that you need to be doing in whatever way that you’re marketing your business you need to double or triple your efforts.

This is true if you’re using video marketing and/or you’re doing blog posts or whatever the case may be. Let’s take blog posts for an example. If you’re growing your business with blogging, that is how you’re creating your content, then I would recommend you double your efforts. If you’re thinking I’m gonna post two blog posts a week I would tell you double your efforts. So don’t do two blog posts do four.

If you’re doing video marketing and you’re doing videos on YouTube and you plan to put up two videos a week on YouTube I would double it. Double down on your business because affiliate marketing has changed my life and it changes so many other people’s lives. And here’s the cool thing about it, anybody can do it! You absolutely can change your life with affiliate marketing and grow an online business.

Do you want to do it slowly or do you want to do it fast? The way that you’re gonna be able to do it fast is literally by sprinting towards your goals. Also sprinting towards your dreams which means taking massive action. Doing something every single day to move your business forward. When I first started I did not do this. Let me explain to you one of the biggest things that I did wrong. Also that so many other people do, maybe you do the same thing if you’re brand new and that is take in all this information and never apply anything.

So here’s the difference between people who become successful with affiliate marketing and the ones who simply wish they would become successful. You need to change your mindset of being a consumer to being a producer. From consuming content on an everyday basis. Now it’s okay to take in a certain amount but you don’t want to spend all of your time consuming content. You want to consume content but then double down on twice the time you were consuming for content creating. Content and producing content is how you move your business forward.

Number Five

affiliate marketingThis really is a big thing because I really think this delayed my success and that of so many other people who are trying to create success in affiliate marketing or growing an online business.

Focusing on one marketing strategy and just one marketing strategy. I kind of already touched on this but if you’re doing YouTube videos focus on YouTube. Don’t say okay I’ll create YouTube videos and then I’m gonna go over to Facebook and then I’m gonna write a blog post. Don’t do all of these different things. Focus on one thing and let me explain to you why. I know that some people might disagree with this but let me explain something to you.

If you don’t have results in any of your marketing strategies or you don’t have the results that you desire right now you need to double down or triple down on whatever that strategy is that you know you can do more of. If you’re a good writer and you’re not very good on video you need to double down on writing and blogging or whatever written form you’re using. And if you are good on video or you’re good at making videos. Maybe you’re even doing screencasts where you just record your screen. If you’re good at that double and triple down on that.

Now I want to explain to you that this is only if you don’t have the desired results now. Obviously if you have the income results that you want and the business growth that you want absolutely feel free branch out into other ways to grow your business. But here’s the thing, most people are not where they want to be. And they’re not getting the results that they want. Their business isn’t at the income level that they want.

That’s where you stick to one thing until you get the results you want. Believe me if you just have that mindset, that I’m gonna do this until I get the results that I want, it will happen for you. You just have to hang in there and double, triple down and take massive action. You can get there, trust me.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and that you got something out out of it.

Traffic Multiplier Review – Leads & Sales In 60 Seconds

Traffic Multiplier Review – Generate Traffic, Leads & Sales In 60 Seconds – USING 100% FREE TOOLS!

Traffic Multiplier Review


Name: Traffic Multiplier 

Product Owners: Glynn Kosky  

Website: Click Here 

Price: $22.95 



In a nutshell, what is Traffic Multiplier? 

Traffic Multiplier goes against what most ‘gurus’ teach and because it’s different, it’s incredibly effective.

The system uses free traffic to kick-start a non-stop lead generation system and monetizes new leads the moment they sign up. Traffic Multiplier gets you both email and push notification subscribers at the same time. And even lets you profit from visitors that DON’T sign up! Triple threat? More like 5X more profitable than any other system I’ve seen. Complete beginners are crushing out $227 or more each day with this all-in-one system.

It gets even better – the method can be automated using 100% free tools – you’ll see how to access them inside. So instead of paying 100s per month for over-priced softwares, you can keep all the profits and scale to game-changing income without risking money upfront. Traffic Multiplier will help you generate leads, follow up with your leads and make sales on complete autopilot!

Who is Traffic Multiplier for? 

Traffic Multiplier is so simple to use, you can generate traffic, leads & sales in 60 seconds using 100% free tools!  The included extensive training assumes zero skills on the part of the user. You can just copy & paste what you see inside to get real results. This is a course that will help you build an online business from scratch. From that point of view, it is aimed at newbie-level and beyond. This is for anyone who wants to leverage the power of an email list and get free viral traffic from free methods. Some of the people who can benefit are:  

  • Affiliate marketers 
  • Online product owners 
  • Video marketers 
  • Social media marketers 
  • Local marketers 
  • Ecom store owners


3 things I love about Traffic Multiplier: 

  1. I love how Traffic Multiplier gives you step-by-step video training that covers traffic, lead generation and ONGOING profits. The Traffic Multiplier system teaches you how to create TWO lists in one! Also, Traffic Multiplier has a video for each stage of setup giving you detailed, easy to follow instruction. 
  2. Also, I love that the creators have been using this unique twist to profit for years! Unique because in addition to generating and capturing leads on TWO lists, Traffic Multiplier takes things one step further and details how you can generate sales and retarget this audience even if they DON’T opt-in!  
  3. Lastly, I love that Traffic Multiplier combines a unique profit method with cutting-edge tools you can access for FREE – to make consistent income without upfront costs. All the softwares needed to deploy these methods are included in the Traffic Multiplier package. Forget paying ridiculous monthly fees for over-priced softwares. These are tested “FREE” solutions that can generate LEADS & SALES without paying a dime upfront!

    ==> DOWNLOAD Traffic Multiplier NOW & GET STARTED 

    What will I get inside Traffic Multiplier: 

    You get the full, cloud-based software platform, including: 

    • Full Access To The Traffic Multiplier Members Area. 
    • Full Access To The Private Members Community. 
    • Newbie Friendly Simple THREE-STEP Process To Profit. 
    • 3-In-1 Triple Threat Traffic Strategy. 
    • Access To Multiple ‘FREE’ Softwares. 
    • Step-By-Step Quickstart Video Tutorials.  
    • Automated “Newbie Friendly” Passive Income Stream. 
    • 24/7 Access To Multiple FREE Profit Tools. 
    • NO Experience Needed To Generate Traffic, Leads & Sales. 
    • 365 Customer Support From A U.S. Based Team.


    Any drawbacks to Traffic Multiplier? 

    I personally did not find any drawbacks with this system. Having said that, nothing is for everyone so your experience could be different. But if you are looking for a unique, proven, complete system to start or enhance your online business then this is definitely a way to go. 


    Do I get any bonuses with Traffic Multiplier 

    Yes, you get 4 bonuses: 

    1. FREE Access To ALL of The Past Products From The Traffic Multiplier Team. 
    2. Access To Additional Money-Making Tools 
    3. Created UNLIMITED Traffic Multiplier Campaigns  
    4. Additional Traffic Training Videos 


    Final thoughts on Traffic Multiplier: 

    With all that this system has to offer and the auto-pilot profits it should be a no brainer. Plus, with the 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee you have nothing to lose!  

    Traffic Multiplier Review
    Traffic Multiplier
    30 Day Guarantee


    ==> DOWNLOAD Traffic Multiplier NOW & GET STARTED